The Bridge Program


The Woodbridge Figure Skating Club would like to invite your child to participate in a new and exciting program which will be launched
September 2017.

The Bridge program is geared towards our higher level CanSkaters as the program has been designed to enable skaters to have a smooth transition into our Skate Canada Star Program. The Bridge program will enhance, strengthen and assist in building a strong skating foundation as well as introduce some figure skating skills.

Each session will consist of 45 minutes of on ice training which will be led by music and begin with a warm up and end with a cool down.In between the warm up and cool down the skaters will focus on the following four areas; Stroking Edges and Turns, Jumps and Spins/Field Movements/Stops. The Bridge program will also offer a 15 minute off-ice training session which will focus on flexibility, agility, developing core strength, balance and power as well as technical dry-land jumping.

Your child has been identified as being an excellent candidate for this new and exciting program and we would like to encourage their participation into “The Bridge”. Your skater may do both “The Bridge” program,re-register for CanSkate only, or do a combination of both programs. Please note: proper figure skates are required.

The Woodbridge Figure Skating Club is very excited to bring this new program to our club so that we may ease the transition for our athletes by building a strong foundation so they can successfully progress into the Skate Canada Star Program.

The Board of Directors of the Woodbridge Figure Skating Club


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