Ticket Ice

“Ticket Ice” is ice time available to WFSC skaters outside our regular session schedule. Skaters who would like additional practice time need to book this time in advance with their private coach.

Ticket ice times are subject to cancellation from time to time, so check with your coach before arriving – he/she can confirm whether the ice is still available.

All skaters must ensure, before skating, that their coach will be in attendance throughout the time they are on the ice.

Ticket ice MUST be paid for at the front desk and skaters must sign in at the front desk.
Skaters are to wear the bracelet provided upon payment prior to stepping on the ice.

Ticket Ice Fees

Youth Adult
(13-17 years) (18+ years)
Single $7.50 $8.75
Pass- 10 visits $67.00 $68.70

Ticket Ice Schedule for 2018/2019
Please note: subject to change. Please check with your coach.

Al Paladini Community Centre
Monday to Thursday
7 am to 9 am
2 pm to 4:20 pm
2 pm to 4:20 pm

**Exclusion Dates:
October 8, 2018
November 16, 2018
November 30, 2018
December 25, 2018
December 26, 2018
January 1, 2019
April 19, 2019