About Us

 At Woodbridge Skating Club we are excited to offer skating opportunities for everyone of all ages and abilities.

 Woodbridge Figure Skating Club started in 1958 and has been a non-profit organization run by a Board of Volunteers and fully sanctioned by Skate Canada. We provide accredited lessons to skaters of all ages and abilities at both the recreational and competitive level. We offer PreCanSkate (ages 3 to 5), CanSkate (5+), Adult CanSkate and STARSkate sessions.
Our membership fee is $36 and this an annual fee valid (September 2016-August 2017). We offer Fall sessions (September – December) and Winter Sessions (January – May). All Professional coaches are NCCP accredited by Skate Canada and First Aid Certified.


We value our students and believe in treating everyone with respect.
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Inspiring all Canadians to embrace the joy of skating.


Skate Canada will have a continuing legacy of champions and be recognized as a leader in the delivery of skating programs.


HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Skating instills a love of physical activity that contributes to the health and happiness of all who participate.

LIFE SKILLS Goal-setting, discipline, perseverance, and lessons about competing with integrity, winning fairly and losing gracefully are skills that are valuable in all aspects of life.

BUILDING COMMUNITY Pursuing learning and reaching goals in the company of others creates a sense of community and a willingness to give back to one’s larger community.

CREATIVITY/INNOVATION The collaborating process between coach and athlete, instructor and skater, ice and movement is integral to innovative physical and aesthetic self-expression.

EXCELLENCE Excellence is being the best skater, competitor, coach, official, administrator or leader you can be.


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To ensure that membership in the Woodbridge Figure Skating Club is an enjoyable and safe experience, we ask all skaters, parents and Coaches respectfully to observe the following rules and ice etiquette.

Club Rules

All skaters, Coaches, and parents should demonstrate respect and sportsmanlike behavior at all times. Due to insurance regulations, family, friends and Coaches are prohibited on the ice surface if they are not a registered Skate Canada member, except in a medical emergency.

Ice Etiquette

All skaters should arrive ahead of the start of their session and be ready to go on the ice at the start of their session.





Skaters and Coaches must leave the ice, promptly, in order to allow the Zamboni to maintain its schedule. This pertains to ticket ice as well.

To ensure the safety of all skaters, it is imperative that skaters and Coaches be aware and watchful of those around them. A collision between skaters could result in serious injury.

Priority must be given on the ice in the following order:

  1. Pair skaters will have the right-of-way over all skaters.
  2. Skaters in a lesson with music with their Coach
  3. Any solo skaters with music (performing their freeskate program or practicing a dance).
  4. Skaters in a lesson with their coach in a harness.
  5. Skaters in a lesson without music with their Coach.
  6. All skaters having the “right of way” must also remember to keep an alert eye open to avoid collisions and may respectfully remind others of “right of way”

Skaters should not interfere with a student and a Coach during a lesson.

Skaters are encouraged to play their solo music during their scheduled lesson. Music requests are on a first come – first served basis. However, a music request, made by Coaching staff during a student’s lesson, takes first priority.

Spins should be done at the centre of the ice and jumps (unless being performed in a skater’s solo) should be done at the ends of the ice. Skaters should (when not doing spins) avoid the centre of the ice as this impedes on the other skaters’ ability to perform their programs.

Skaters and Coaches should abide by the session designations. No dance, skills or freeskate lessons (including the use of the harness) shall be given during stroking classes or canskate warm-up classes.

If you fall, get up quickly. Don’t stay there longer than you have to.

No food, candy, drinks or chewing gum is allowed on the ice (only water bottles). 

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