Membership Terms and Conditions

Club Rules
The Woodbridge Figure Skating Club is a non-profit community organization run by parent volunteers. Our coaches are highly qualified professionals certified by Skate Canada. All members of our skating club are also members of Skate Canada and will be appointed a Skate Canada Number. All skaters wishing to participate in private coaching, Skate Canada testing or competitions of any kind must be “Members in Good Standing” (i.e. registered in a program, skating 1 day/week and paid in full).Payments to professional coaches for private lessons are not the responsibility of the club and are to be arranged between the skater, parent and professional coach. Parents or skaters with questions about sessions or the operation of the club should contact the Canskate Coordinator or their Private Coach.

1. No Refunds
2. 10% discount for CanSkaters who skate 2 or more classes per week
3. 10% discount for 3 or more immediate family members in one program
4. StarSkater Discount= 3 days 10%, 4 days 15%, 5 days 20%
5. Only one type of discount allowed per skater.
6. NSF cheques subject to a $30 surcharge
7. Bridge Skaters are encouraged to enrol in Bridge programs on Tuesdays and Saturday, however can enrol in 1 Bridge and 1 CanSkate class

1. Permitted only prior to 7 days before start of session and subject to the Skate Canada fee plus $10 administration fee
2. PreCanSkate refunds permitted after first or second lesson, will be prorated and subject to the Skate Canada fee plus $10 administration fee
3. Fees are non-transferable.
4. NO MAKE-UP LESSONS for missed classes
5. In case of medical reasons or injuries, a signed note from a doctor is required
6. City of Vaughan may cancel sessions due to holidays, maintenance, weather or other conditions. The Club is not responsible for ice cancelled by the City of Vaughan, including arena closures due to weather.
7. Starskate Levels Skaters only Up to 4 make up classes per year (September to May) may be granted with coach or board approval.
8. WFSC board has the right to change ice based on enrolment numbers.
9. Ice schedule, test days, ice shows and seminars may be subject to cancellations or changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Please check the bulletin boards for notice of cancellations or schedule revisions.

1. New Skate Canada Helmet Policy effective July 1st, 2011 requires all Canskate and Adultskate participants up to and including Level 5 wear a CSA approved helmet on ice. A full face cage is also highly recommended for these Stages. Bicycle helmets will not be accepted.
2. Skates must be single bladed.
3. Skaters require mittens/gloves.
4. Bridge/StarSkate Level Skaters Proper figure skates and figure skating clothing is required.

1. Children under 10 are not to be left without adult supervision while on the ice.
2. The club cannot be held responsible for any injury or illness that may occur throughout this program.
3. All skaters must abide by the rules and regulations of the club.
4. As a safety regulation and to protect your skate blades, skate guards are to be worn at all times unless you are on the rubber mat at rink side.
5. Any skater interfering with or endangering the safety of the other members or staff will be asked to leave the rink immediately. Recurring disciplinary actions may be grounds for membership cancellation.

Photos and/or Website
1. Photos may be taken from time to time to display on our web page or bulletin boards. Permission is automatic unless otherwise stated by parent or guardian. Please advise the WFSC office.
2. Skater’s photograph and/or full name may be published in club publications in electronic format. (e.g., WFCS Website, Twitter, You Tube)

CanSkate Requirements
PreCanSkate: Designed for first-time skaters ages 3-5 years, as an introduction to skating
CanSkate: Skate Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program for skaters ages 5 and up focusing on basic skills development

StarSkate Registration Qualifications
Star 1 passed CanSkate Stage 6 or a Bridge graduate
Star 2 passed all Star 1 Tests (Free Skate, Dance & Skills) formerly = working on Preliminary Free Skate test, Dance Test and Skills.
Star 3 passed all of Star 2 Tests (Free Skate, Dance & Skills) formerly = passed the Preliminary Free Skate Test, Dance Test and Preliminary Skills Test
Star 4 passed all of Star 3 Tests (Free Skate, Dance & Skills) formerly = passed Part 1 (Elements) of the Junior Bronze Free Skate Test and Junior Bronze Skills, and working on Junior Bronze Dances
Star 5 passed all of Star 4 Tests (Free Skate, Dance & Skills) formerly = passed complete Junior Bronze Free Skate Test, Senior Bronze Skills, and Swing and Fiesta Tango Dances
Qualifications and schedules are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Skaters may only register and skate on sessions for which they are qualified
Guest Fees: Skaters may skate on an unregistered session by a fee BASED ON DAY AND TIME for club members and for non-members. You must notify and pay at the office prior to skating. You are limited to 2 guest skates on any one session.

**Information from Skate Canada Website