Our Coaches

Selecting A Coach

Hiring a coach is done privately between the parent and the coach. Communication is very important. It is a parent/skater decision on who to hire to coach their skater. Take a moment to review the coaches’ biographies on the website.

Some factors to consider when hiring a coach include:

  • What is the coach’s availability for lessons?
  • Can the coach be at the rink when your child is skating?
  • What is the coach’s fee structure? 15 minute private lessons vary, dependent on the number of year coaching, the level of the certification and the background of the coach.
  • Ensure the coach’s certification meets the needs of your child.
  • Other factors to consider when hiring a coach can include billing procedures, cancellation procedures and how open the coach may be in providing semi private lessons.
  • What if my child wants to change coaches? If at any time you are finding that your coach is not a good fit for your child, you can switch coaches simply by notifying the coach after you have paid your bill. Once your final bill is paid in full with your current coach, then you may select a new coach.