Pre-CanSkate is a component of CanSkate. This 30 minute session is for participants who have never skated before or who are not confident with their balance on the ice regardless of age, although typically skaters range from 3-5 years of age.

The program is a readiness vehicle to prepare skaters to advance to our Club’s Skate Canada CanSkate program. PreCanSkaters work on the essentials needed to move safely and effectively on the ice so that they can rotate through the different learning stations within our CanSkate program.

The PreCanSkate program structure involves a 5 minute group warm-up, followed by 20 minute lesson time with a Skate Canada coach and finally a 5 minute group activity/cool-down. The sessions are music lead. Colourful teaching aids, props and toys help to make the session welcoming and fun for our beginner skaters. Incentives such as stickers and colouring sheets are awarded to the skaters.

Each skater will receive a Skate Canada PreCanSkate/CanSkate report card outlining their progress. Upon completion of this program a PreCanSkate ribbon will also be rewarded to the skater.